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My name is Becca Obeng, and I am the creator of Becoming Undaunted. I have never been one to naturally have confidence, so I decided I was going to figure out to obtain it.  Throughout this journey I realized the only way I have gained true confidence is through Jesus Christ. This was intimidating for me to admit, because this is not a popular opinion. However, I've noticed that as life's trials have presented themselves and unfolded, that I really am happiest when I rely on Him. 

I believe that all of us have moments in our lives where we have chosen to become undaunted. These can be moments that often feel like they are breaking us down, but I know that as we choose Him, we will become undaunted and confident. I am dying to know your story and hear about the times you have learned to rely on Christ as you have faced your life's mountains head on. Please reach out below and share your story with me to potentially be featured on Becoming Undaunted. 

Aside from working on Becoming Undaunted, I am happiest when I am spending time with my family, traveling, having kitchen dance parties, eating really good food, and listening to music that speaks to my soul.  You can find me over on social media @becca.obeng and @becomingundaunted. I can't wait to be friends. You got this and know that I am cheering you on along your journey in becoming undaunted. 

Omaha Nebraska 


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