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Our first annual

Women's Gathering

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When women gather, powerful things happen.

Who is invited?

This is a women's event for those wanting to become undaunted by deepening self confidence, and strengthening faith in Jesus Christ. 

When and where is the event?

Why have a women's gathering? 

Have you ever longed for something, but find that you give yourself a million excuses as to why it wouldn't work for you? Maybe you want to write a book, open a little boutique, travel the world, or maybe you just want to keep on top of your laundry for once. We all have dreams, goals and desires that ignite within us, causing us to feel giddy! Often times that spark gets put out by our lack of self-confidence. This conference is to help you gain that confidence to do the hard things. Russell M. Nelson said, "we need women who know how to make important things happen by their faith". We know that it isn't just our own efforts that make things happen. We need to invite Christ into our life and let Him be the co-author of our story, so let's join with Him and grab the pen in creating the life we dream of.  

What can I expect when I come?

Sometimes in large scale events, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. The venue and layout are designed for a cozy, tight knit atmosphere. We will start by gathering as a large group, then get into our smaller groups rotating through different speakers. We will eat, create deeper friendships, listen to an incredible music performance and regroup at the end! We are so excited for our gathering and can't wait to have you and all your friends join us. 

What the gathering is:

A group of like minded women who want to strengthen their self confidence, faith and connection with Christ. We know that there is power when women gather together. We want to deepen the friendships in our community. 

A chance to share delicious food while deepening connections. We have a breakfast grazing table included with entry, with available lunch. 

Every detail of the event has been carefully designed. From the centerpieces to the backdrops, each piece has symbol and meaning to inspire  you.  

Sought after national, and international speakers. Our speakers are powerhouses. There will be a combination of lecture style and classroom/workshop presentations. 

Spectacular Musical Performance. 

Luxury environment - you deserve nothing but the best. You will be surrounded by beauty as you focus on your own divine beauty as a Daughter of God. 

Feeling a sense of connection.  We want you to feel connected to your friends, community, family, but most importantly create a space where we can all share our beliefs in Christ. 

What the gathering is not: